OE WAB Conversion - Convert OE Contacts to PST Conveniently

Convert OE Contacts to MS Outlook Contacts

  • Covert easily multiple outlook express contacts in bulk
  • Convert Outlook express contacts to csv and pst.
  • Deafult outlook profile helps you to directlt configured wab contacts.
  • MS Outlook installation is required in importing wab contacts to pst
  • Options like scan, preview and editing are possible .

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Convert OE Contacts to MS Outlook Contacts

Using WAB Converter, you can convert WAB book contacts to PST format of MS Outlook and you can also convert OE contacts to Excel. OE Contacts in WAB File: Outlook Express, which is an email application, stores its contacts in Windows Address Book file (.wab file) by default.

Corruption in OE: Just as any computer application is not 100% free from damage, Outlook Express can also get corrupted. This is a possible scenario, that due to such corruption in Outlook Express, you can lose access to all your contacts saved in the WAB file of OE. In such a scenario, an OE WAB Convertion tool that can convert Outlook Express address book contacts can help you regain access to all your contacts.

Wab Converter:

Wab Converter is a simple and intuitive product that you can comfortably use to convert Outlook Express contacts to PST and to Excel. Following are the two conversion benefits that you can avail:

Easy-to-use OE WAB Converter:

With WAB Converter software, you will get the following easiness benefits:

  • An easily comprehensible interface
  • Easy to follow screen instructions
  • Simple process of OE WAB conversion
  • Process explained on the website and in the software user help manual
  • 24x7 support team to pull you out of any trouble

Efficient OE WAB Conversion:

WAB Converter software quickly reads the Widows Address Book file of Outlook Express and uses IntelliSense techniques to rearrange the contacts in alphabetical order under specific alphabet heads and gives efficient OE WAB conversion results. With the help of this efficient product, you can quickly convert Outlook Express contacts to MS Outlook 2000/2002/XP (Ansi Format) or to MS Outlook 2003/2007 (Unicode Format) or to Excel.

Download FREE Demo Version Online (Convert 15 Contacts):

You are free to avail the free benefit of the free trial of our tool. Using the FREE Demo Version of WAB Converter, you can convert 15 contacts from Outlook Express WAB file to Microsoft Outlook PST format or to Excel. Download this Demo Version online easily to check the OE WAB Conversion process.

Benefits of Using Our Software:

Following are some significant benefits that you can get by using this exemplary OE WAB converter tool:

Buy Full Version (Convert ALL Contacts):

For converting all your WAB file contacts to PST or Excel, you must purchase the Full Licensed Version of WAB Converter. We recommends you to first use the Demo Version to check the efficiency of our software and after being satisfied with the performance; buy the Full Version for full conversion.